Biron Squirrel Removal

When I was growing up, my family would hunt squirrels and they provided meat for the family at the dinner table. Little did I know that It also gave me a sense of self worth as a provider, as well as sharpening my skills as a hunter and a marksman. I would go hunting squirrels with my Father and older brother, and it was unknown to me how this was also a bonding opportunity for us all.

Today not many people eat squirrels around here any more. And I rarely get time to hunt, as I am busy removing squirrels from peoples attic and wall spaces. They are pesty little devils, but I enjoy my work and my customers enjoy my services. I also remove bats, raccoons, birds, and skunks. I also repair damages done by these animals, and clean attic spaces, restoring them to nearly new condition!

Squirrels are fun to watch, but they can be destructive as well! Since they are rodents, they have all the equipment they need to get inside your home. They look at your home as a big hollow tree, and when the cold winter winds start howling, they abandon there nice little leafy tree nests with a view to die for, to share residence with you in a nice cozy attic space. The only real problems are the noise they make, and the damages they do! Chewing wires causes a fire hazard, and the holes they make cause water damage to wood and dry wall.

Biron Wisconsin was a significant place to me growing up. My Grandfather worked at the mill when the Biron Dam was made of dirt and rocks. It was a saw mill at the time providing lumber for cities down stream to build homes and businesses. The men would make rafts from the new lumber and then drift the rafts to the destination. There the rafts were taken apart, and the lumber put to use. The man who piloted the raft would then get on a train and get back to Biron.

As time went on, the dam was re built out of concrete and steel. And the saw mill became a paper production plant. My father worked there for 47 years, retiring in 1986.

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And there are so many others! If any animal is causing you problems, feel free to call and lets see if we can get you taken care of!

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