Trempealeau County

We service the following cities in Trempealeau County Wisconsin.

Squirrel removal professionals are getting a work out this year in Trempealeau County! I see many Grey Squirrels in attic areas of homes, although some like to live inside the walls. As many home owners know, the squirrel removal is a delicate one. If we trap the squirrel inside, we have caused a problem bigger than we started with. And if we continue to do nothing, the squirrels will chew wires, cause fires, or at least poop and pee all over the attic insulation. Since Trempealeau has plenty of oak trees, the squirrels will be gathering them and keeping them inside the attic to eat on a cold winter day.

Beachs Corners, Butman Corners, Centerville, Chapultepee, Coral City, Dewey Corners, Elk Creek, Frenchville, Hale, Hegg, Iduna, North Creek, Pine Creek, Pleasantville, Russell, Tamarack, Upper French Creek, West Prairie, Wrights Corners

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