Squirrels in attic space in Madison make a horrible noise when they scratch and thump there way along the ceiling of your home. Most people can see where the squirrel got in, but dont know how to get rid of them. Its a problem left to someone who does this for a living. Ive seen enough squirrel in attic and walls go real bad, and its cheeper than you may think! Call me and lets talk!

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Squirrels on are most seen durring the day in the fall in Madison as they scurry from tree to tree gathering nuts and hiding them in places from other squirrels. They need to have food for the winter, and a place to live out of the elements is also a plus! Here in Wisconsin we have weeks at a time where there is no activity at all because of freezing weather. Madison squirrels have learned that being inside attics of homes is a heck of alot better than a hollow tree. I know the feeling you get when you get a squirrel scratching on your ceiling. The scratching clawing sounds they make up there is nearve racking!  And you start asking yourself, is my house safe? Are my wires being chewed? Will squirrels burn down my house?

In the spring time we have a squirrel explosion. All over the country our phone is ringing  for squirrel removal from attic space or walls. The little fellas are breeding! In 6 weeks you are going to have lots more squirrels to deal with, and the work is going to be alot harder.

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Eastern Grey Squirrels are among the most comon species found in attic space in Madison Wisconsin. When the cold winds of November start blowing and everyone else is out deer hunting for that big buck, or still trying to get that big muskie for the wall in the den, I find myself with my ladder propped up on homes all over southern Wisconsin looking for squirrel holes chewed in corners of homes. I can usually get squirrels out with the use of a one way door between november and april. No worry about baby squirrels now, and the animals will go out to feed, and not be able to get back in when they return. A little creative use of rolled aluminum and some strong screws keep the squirrel out.

In April however, we need to shift gears. After baby squirrels are born we have three options. Live trapping and removal, Lethal trapping, or do absolutly nothing until the baby squirrels are seen outside the home. If I try to one way them out the mother squirrel will chew until shes back inside to care for her young. Sometimes its better to do nothing for a while than to do the wrong thing and suffer more damages.
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