Squirrel Removal One Way Door

Squirrel Removal Products

Buying squirrel removal equipment from someone who actually removes squirrels makes sense doesn’t it?  I have tried and tested all of these products in the field myself. Call me personally if you have any questions 715-459-7412 or e-mail me at anytimeanimalcontrol@gmail.com

One Way Doors


One way door for squirrels
Squirrel One Way Door
One way door for squirrels.
Squirrel One way door






These one way doors doors are made from 12-18 inches of gutter downspout with two doors made from 1” X 1/2” galvanized 16 gauge welded wire. This squirrel one way door has plenty of opening to let squirrels out and not back inside the building. The squirrel one way door comes with flanges on all four sides to help close the opening and support the one way door while it is INSTALLED.

Each one way squirrel removal door is $25.00 USD  and $4.50  shipping.


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