Chipmunk-Squirrel Bait

Chipmunk & Squirrel Bait

I trap chipmunks and squirrels at several jobs throughout the year. I have learned over the years of squirrel removal and chipmunk control to modify my traps and the way I use bait. It increases my catch ratio X 4. When chipmunk or squirrel trapping, just putting peanut butter on a rat trap isn’t the way to go unless you want to feed squirrels and chipmunks. This means that you can finish the job more quickly, or set fewer traps.

The unique thing about chipmunk-squirrel bait, is that you will also catch several chipmunks or squirrels with out needing to bait the trap again. The bait is softened in the microwave and applied to the trap, where it cools and hardens like a rock. The chipmunks and squirrels really need to work at it to even get a taste!
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