Squirrel Trap

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Here we look at our options in squirrel traps. Read on to learn more about squirrel trapping and choices in squirrel bait. Some states consider a squirrel a game animal, so before you go squirrel trapping, be sure you have the proper licensing.

Squirrel Trap
Colony Squirrel Trap

  Here is a colony squirrel trap. It is a humane trap which will keep squirrels alive. After you catchone female squirrel, you will have every male squirrel in the neighborhood trying to get inside with her. It should be set where squirrels are feeding. Watching squirrels will teach you alot about trapping squirrels. Make sure the bait you put out for trapping squirrels in this humane trap is visable, and you leave a trail of  food going into the door of the trap. That way the squirrels don’t need to work so hard to get inside!

Home made squirrel trap
Home Made Squirrel Trap

 Here we have a homemade squirrel trap. Basic as it may be, it is humane, and consists of the basic trap parts. A body, a door, and a trigger mechanism. The squirrel is lured inside with an offering of food, which leads him to the main coarse. He will be greedy and anxious to get to the main pile of food, but he can’t get to it without triggering the door. The trap needs some sort of locking device, or spring to keep the squirrel from opening the door and escaping the squirrel trap.

Colony Squirrel Trap/ One Way Door
Here is a fine example of a colony squirrel trap convertable into a one way door.

  This is a one way door with the option to make it into a colony trap for squirrels. It is designed to get squirrels out of a building. First we must locate where the squirrels are entering the house. Then we attach the flanges to the house, over the squirrel hole. This will force the squirrel to go through the trap, and push the door open to get out. The other areas of the house should be thouroughly checked to be sure that the squirrel will not chew back in at a differant spot. If the chances are good that she will chew back in, causing more damage, I recommend putting the back on the cage, and relocating her about three miles from the home.

Squirrel Trap
Colony Squirrel Trap is designed to trap several squirrels, humanely, living inside a building.

 A colony trap can be made by hand, with some clips, and welded wire. The door needs no trigger, and there is no need to bait a one way door system. Just look at the entry point, and cut an opening to let the squirrel use the door you provided. The picture above has the opening cut out of the top so a squirrel will drop into the system.  

squirrel snare trap
Squirrel snare traps are designed to kill squirrels by strangulation.

Squirrel snare trapping isn’t easy, but once you learn how, it can be an economical way to trap squirrels. Squirrel snare traps cost about fifty cents each to build. Basicaly, you put the loop of snare wire where the squirrel has to put her head through the loop in order to move forward. When the squirrel moves forward, she pulls the noose tight around her neck, the more she fights the snare, the tighter the trap gets. Pretty soon the trap kills the squirrel.

squirrel snare trap
Squirrel snare trap

 The above squirrel snare trap shows the basic idea of how to set a squirrel snare trap. Make sure the snare loop is just a little larger than a squirrels head,this will ensure a quick kill, and a neck catch.

squirrel jaw trap
squirrel trap / foot hold



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I don’t recommend this trap for any animal, unless the trap options are extremely limited. Squirrels are not, so i womt even get into how to set these traps for squirrels.