Squirrel Feeder

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 The purpose of this artical is to give you some ideas on building a squirrel feeder of your own, or an idea of how to shop for a good squirrel feeder. Most people enjoy watching squirrels out there window. The fact that squirrels will hang around longer if you feed them is a no brainer. And if they like your squirrel feeder better that the neighbors, the neighbor will have to watch the squirrels from your house.

A simple but effective squirrel feeder
What squirrel could turn down this corn on a stick?

Simple is sometimes best when dealing with squirrel feeders. The little guys are rough on just about everything, especially a squirrel feeder with moving parts!
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Spinning Squirrel Feeder
Spinning Corn Cob Squirrel Feeder

This squirrel feeder actually has moving parts, but is still simple, and easy to fix if the squirrels are rough housing too much, and break it. The corn cobbs are replaced as the squirrels eat them clean by sticking them on a long nail, or screw.

squirrel feeder
Keeping squirrel food dry

 The flip top lid on this squirrel feeder keeps the peanuts dry. A squirrel can see the peanuts through the glass, and he will figure out how to open the lid if she wants them badly enough. Sometimes it helps to leave a few peanuts out on the perch so she eats the appetizer, then works extra hard to get at the others!

Squirrel feeder with a window
A squirrel feeder with a window will let you watch the squirrels as they eat!

I hope this artical gave you some insight as to what kind of squirrel feeder you would like outside your window. You can make your own squirrel feeder, or go to any department store or hardware store to find a ready made squirrel feeder. Bird feeders work fine!



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