Baby Squirrels

Click Here To contact a Squirrel Removal Expert,   Baby squirrels are born during the warmer months in the Northern Regions of North America, and all year long in the southern regions of North America. A female squirrel can have up to 4 litters per year in the south, and only 2 litters of baby squirrels in the north. Mother squirrels know not to breed when it is too cold for her babies to survive.
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Baby Squirrels
New Born Squirrels are called "pinkies" Im sure this picture tells why

Baby squirrels are something that looks like they are from outer space as soon as they are born! Buldgey eyes, no hair, and as clumbsey as they can be. They don’t make any sound at all. They just lay in the nest, and wait for the mother squirrel to come feed them. They will live on milk produced by the female squirrel for up to 6 weeks before they emerge from a hollow tree, or an attic of a home to see the big world outside. They will be afraid of everything, as it is all foraign to them, but the look and smell of the outside world will have there attention and curiosity for the rest of there lives!

Juvinile Grey Squirrel

Here is a picture of a juvinile squirrel about 3 weeks old. Shes looking a little more like a squirrel than when she was born doesn’t she?

 And now they start exploring the world outside there nest! There are dangers outside for the baby squirrels, but the mother is always nearby, and will become extremly agressive if something tries to harm one of her babys! She will bark, chatter, and run at a threat, no matter how large it is!

Baby squirrels do have enemies: Coyotes, Fox, Owls, Hawks, Snakes, and even Dogs and Cats would love to make that baby squirrel into a tastey meal. Its survival of the fittest out there in the animal world, and at this point, they arent quite there yet, but the ones who survive the first 6 months of life will be as agile as there mother, climbing trees, running across roof tops, and showing off all the acrobatic skills while showing no fear of falling even from the smallest branches of the highest tree!

 I hope you enjoyed learning about baby squirrels as much as I enjoyed writing about them, thanks for visiting!


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