Learn All About Squirrels!

Eastern Grey Squirrel

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 Squirrels are cute, and fun to watch from our homes as they run through the trees and forrage for food on the ground.
 Our bird feeders are prime targets for the eastern grey squirrels, and black squirrels in the metro areas , as well as the rural, and suburbs. Read on to find out more about grey squirrels, and have fun learning more amazing facts about our little furry friends who have made our back yards there home!
Feeding Squirrels: It isn’t hard to get a grey squirrel feeding out of a squirrel feeder. All squirrels eat pretty much the same things. Acorns, peanuts, sunflower seeds, dried corn, hazel nuts, wall nuts, pecans, areall on the menu for the eastern grey squirrel.  All we need to do is show him it is there. In the summer the grey squirrel will come and eat squirrel food left out for him right where he found it. In the fall, he will take some with him, and store it in the pouches in his cheeks. This is so the grey squirrel can take it to his home and store it for later in the year. Squirrel food isn’t always so easy to find in the winter when there is 4 feet of snow to dig through! The best time to watch grey squirrels at your bird feeder is early in the morning, or about an hour before dark. Thats when squirrels are most active outside. They seem to only like to eat two times a day. In the fall, the grey squirrel can be seen all day long gathering food for her winter pantry, to be stored for when food is not so plentiful. Squirrels are pretty smart!
 Breeding: There is no calander day when grey squirrels start breeding. The male grey squirrels start chasing female squirrels about the middle of February. But the female squirrel wont let him get near her chosen den until she is ready to breed. Alot has to do with how far away spring is. The mother squirrel wants her babies to survive, and a brutal cold blast could make it hard on the baby squirrels. A grey squirrel will have 3-8 young, but a normal litter is 4. They are called pinkies when they are born, because grey squirrels are small, about the size of an acorn when they are born, and hairless to show there pink skin. She will nurse the babies for up to six weeks, when they grow teeth large enough to eat seeds. Later the baby squirrels will have jaws strong enough to break open acorns and hard nuts to get at the food part of the nut. Thats usually the time the mother grey squirrel sends the babies out on there own to start there own family. A grey squirrel born in April can have babies of her own in August!
 Grey Squirrel Sounds: A grey squirrel makes a few differant sounds, some I am sure you have heard before.
Squirrel Barking:  A squirrel will bark for seemingly no reasion while in the top of a tree. But there is a reasion. All grey squirrels like to be arround other grey squirrels. A bark from one grey squirrel will usually get a reply from another grey squirrel. When a grey squirrel barks very fast and scrambles arround the tree trunk, and runsfrom tree to tree, it usually means that another grey squirrel is chasing him or her.
Squirrel Crying: Sometimes a grey squirrel will sound like it is crying, followed by 2-3 barking sounds. It doesnt mean the squirrel is sad, it is just showing other squirrels that there is no threat in the area. A grey squirrel usually only whines like this when no other squirrels are in the area, and they want some company.
Pet Grey Squirrels: Squirrels make bad pets! They are a nearvous animal, and dont like fast movements. They get especially nearvous inside homes. Ive seen them tear all the stuffing out of a couch over night after being trapped in a home! They also chew all the wood work around windows, and will die from stress quickly. Grey squirrels are wild animals, and are fun to watch, but are best left outside the home. They do carry pests like lice and fleas, and blood borne illnesses like rabies, so do yourself a favor and let Mr. grey squirrel be a squirrel and leave him outside.
Squirrel on a Roof: Everyone has had a squirrel on there roof. Most times the squirrel is just going from one place to another, and your roof was a conveniant route to use in there travels. Chances are that the grey squirrel on your roof got there because you have wires for him to run on connected to the house, or you have tree branches within 8 feet of the roof. A squirrel has no problem jumping from a tree to your roof. You may know when he is there from the scratching noise his claws make while he runs from one side to the other on your roof. The pitter patter of little clawed feet are disturbing sometimes.

Squirrel in a wall: A grey squirrel in a wall didn’t get there because he is lost or trapped. She intends to make the wall his home because it is nice and warm inside. She wants her babies to be safe from predators, and elements of the outside world. You will know she is in your wall because she makes scratching, clawing sounds she clinbs up and down your wall. If you are hearing these sounds of a squirrel inside your walls, you shouldn’t try to get them out yourself, click here to find a squirrel removal specialist who can get squirrels out without causing more damage to your home.


Grey Squirrel in Attic: Click here to listen Somehow the grey squirrel has found his way inside your attic, and has taken up residence there. You know this because the sounds of scratching claws are scutteling across your ceiling. Running noises, or even squeeking sounds can be heard from your bedroom when the squirrel leaves the house, or returns home from outside. Normaly eastern grey squirrels live in hollow trees in the winter, and in fluffy leaf nests in the summer, where it is cooler. The eastern grey squirrel nests can be seen in any city which has trees, just look for the ball of leaves in the branches. So if you are hearing squirrels running inside your attic, its best you click here now and get the number to a professional in your area who knows how to remove squirrels. Doing it yourself will cause too much heart ache and failure as eastern grey squirrels are a tenatious bunch of rodents, who could cause more damage if trapped inside, or blocked away from caring for her young.


Squirrel Damage: Squirrels do cause damage to homes all over America. It is estimated that every year eastern grey squirrels alone are responsable for 600 million dollars in damage. It may not all be just from the squirrel chewing the wood or wires in your walls or attic, pooping or peeing all over your insulation. Its the secondary damages caused by squirrels that gets expensive! The squirrel chewed a hole somewhere to get inside your walls or attic, right? The first time you get a good rain could cause wood rot, or cause you to have to replace an entire wall, or ceiling from water damage! And eastern grey squirrels all love to chew the plastic on electric wires. It may electrocute the squirrel in your attic, but she could get the last laugh by starting an electrical fire which burns down your home! Eastern Grey Squirrels also cary paracites like ticks, fleas, and lice which is transmitable to humans. Lice and fleas biting you can pass on plague, and many other blood borne diseases!




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