Attic Restoration

From time to time, we find that squirrels had been in the attic for an extended period of time. The longer those little guys are up there, the bigger the mess is going to be. Squirrels poop and pee all the time, and over a couple of years, the damages can make your insulation smell, as well as be much less effective to its purpose because of their constant movements packing it down.

To make this an effective restoration, we need to remove ALL of your insulation and fully vacuum out the solid waste. To do this, we use a commercial vacuum with as much as 250 feet of 6 inch hose which pulls the solid wastes all the way to the trailer where it is collected in a large bag. This process not only makes it safer for you, the home owner, but saves us lots of back breaking shoveling and handling.

After that we ionize a disinfectant. The fog of this amazing machine will seep the disinfectant into the nooks and crannies. Squirrels can carry spores and micro organisms which can impact the health of your family. It is an important step in Attic restoration.

Next we want to get the smell out of there. Squirrel urine will over time soak into the wood structure of the home. The powerful deoderizer  we use will do exactly that!

The final step in an attic restoration is to put down fresh insulation.

And there you have it! A fresh new attic, with no squirrels in it!