Hunting Squirrels

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If this is your first time hunting squirrels, you will want to know a few things about squirrels. My area of expertise is removing squirrels from homes where they nest in attic spaces, and walls. I am a squirrel trapper, and a squirrel hunter. I make my paycheck with results, and if I dont produce, I dont get paid. So I have the squirrel pretty figured out, its just in my own best intrest, and im willing to share that with you here in this artical. Ill start off slow, and try to keep the technical talk to a minimum so I dont loose you in the mix.

Eastern Grey Squirrel

I remember when I was a boy squirrel hunting with my Dad. I carried a b.b. gun and he would carry a .22 remington bolt action rifle. He could drill a squirrel through the head no matter where it was, and the squirrel would come tumbeling down to the forest floor with a loud thump! It was some of the best times in my life that i remember. On a frosty October morning all it took to get me out of bed were the words squirrel hunting, and I was dressed and waiting at the door.

Later as I grew up, I would go squirrel hunting with my friends, but it was never quite the same. We never saw so many squirrels, and when we did, we usually missed them, or shot the meat up pretty badly. It seems that I wasnt quite paying attention to my Dad in all the excitement while squirrel hunting. I was more focussed on the squirrel. It all comes down to knowing squirrels, and knowing when to pull the trigger.

Here in Wisconsin the big old oak trees grow 40 feet out of the ground. And when squirrels know you are in the woods, they get to someplace safer. Tops of the trees are full of leaves until the frosty fall air of october, November make them fall to the ground. This takes away the squirrels cover and alows you to spend more time shooting them, and less time looking for them.

Dawn and Dusk: The best time to hunt squirrels is either just at sunup, and just before sundown. Anyone who hunts squirrels all day long will find the middle of the day better spent playing cards. Squirrels go out at first light because they want breakfast, and water. Same at dusk, they want to get watered up before they go to bed. Makes sence dont it?

Move Slowly: Squirrels arent exactly high on the food chain, and they know it. Everything wants to get at MR. Squirrel. So any movements you make should be thought out, and smooth. Slow movements are what will still catch his attention, but wont send him running for a hollow tree where you cant get him.

Watch for movement: Squirrels are a nervous bunch of rodents. They make sharp jittery movements when they do anything. Learn to watch all around you at the same time for quick movements.

Look for Squirrel Sign: Disturbed leaves on the forest floor, chewed acorns under an old tree, will show you where squirrels are eating and foraging. Dont go shopping for a BIG MAC at a pizza joint is all i have to say about that. Look for where the squirrels are, then start looking for squirrels.

When you see a Squirrel: Dont go running after him like a maniac! Calmly watch the squirrel. And dont get him all excited. A rifle is best used on a stationary target, so we gotta get him to stand still. Most times if you dont chase him, hes gonna go right back to feeding. When he does, you will get the head shot you were looking for.

Squirrel Calls : A squirrel call will bring squirrels out and right to you in most cases. Dont over do it! Sometimes less is better. If you listen to a conversation with tow squirrels, you will notice that they bark for a little, then they wait for a response. You should do the same. Squirrels have several vocals, and alarm vocals should be avoided. These will cause a squirrel to bolt for a hollow tree.

Areas to Look for Squirrels: I learned a long time ago to hunt small patches of woods when hunting squirrels. Wind Rows between corn fields are great producers of limits of grey squirrels. And they are always big and fat like a butterball turkey! Why hunt large forests when what you seek is just a few hundred yards away.

Marksmanship : You need to practice more than once a month to be a good shot. I shoot every chance I get, but then again I get paid all day for shooting squirrels. So, do the best ya can at practicing with whatever you shoot squirrels with. If you are going to hunt squirrels with a shot gun, I have a neet trick for ya! Let the squirrel get up a tree, and you on the other side. Then you find that first crotch in the tree, and back up about 20 feet and aim at that crotch. Start with your squirrel call and watch for the curious head to apear. Walah! Dead squirrel, and no holes in the good stuff!

I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did wrighting it. And I wish you luck hunting squirrels. Give a kid a squirrel, and he eats for a day.Teach a kid to hunt and he will eat for a lifetime!

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