Squirrel Removal Westchester

Squirrel Removal Westchester

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If you are hearing
scratching and chewing sounds in your attic or walls in Westchester, chances are
it’s a squirrel. Squirrels breed in late winter and early fall. Once the female
squirrel has become pregnant she begins to look for a place to have her babies.
Squirrels give birth to 3 to 5 babies. This is when the problems start for the
citizens of Westchester. The mother squirrel will chew her way into your roof
and make a nest in your attic or walls. If your home in Westchester has wood
siding, this just makes it easier for a squirrel. Squirrels have strong teeth
and have to chew to keep their ever growing teeth from growing too much. The
mother squirrel wants her babies to have a safe, warm and dry place to grow up.
Squirrels commonly chew the corners or the soffets of your home in Westchester.
Squirrels can do a lot of costly damage to your home. Once they have gained
access to your attic, they will make a mess of your insulation. Not to mention
chew your electrical or phone wires which can cause a fire to start in your home
in Westchester. Squirrels will also steal your insulation to make a nest with in
a tree for the summer months. Once the weather gets hot the squirrel will make a
house in a tree where it is cooler. Our company will catch your squirrel
and relocate them far away where they won’t cause a problem for you anymore. Our
company will also squirrel proof the areas where the squirrel has chewed.

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